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The Pacific Coast Challenge is a series of unpaved TSD rallies in British Columbia, California, Oregon and Washington.

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In the beginning, there was rally. . . .

And few of those rallies were paved. To maintain the heritage of “brisk” TSD rallying—where the navigator remains essential, but the driver is never bored—the Pacific Coast Challenge was created: a seasonal championship made up of several unpaved TSD rallies in British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Several TSD rally series already existed in each state or province, and many rallyists competed in those various series, but there was no structure linking events throughout the region. The Pacific Coast Challenge was conceived both to allow competitors throughout the Pacific Northwest to compete in a common series, and to encourage more competitors to sample events outside their local areas.

The Pacific Coast Challenge combines events from each of the five represented areas: Vancouver Island, buy ventolin the interior regions of British Columbia, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. We get our series winners by considering their success in these selected events each year. Each area may present a different event each year, giving competitors a varied experience and a chance to see different approaches to our common goal: terrific rallies on spectacular roads.

Pavement? We don’t need no steenkin’ pavement!

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